I registered to attend the conference, but now I can’t attend. I haven’t paid yet, and I have not received confirmation anyway, so is it okay if I just don’t turn up?

No, if you are unable to attend, you must let the Conference Secretariat know in writing. Cancellation terms and conditions apply to your registration from the moment that you submit your signed registration form to us, as we will then be holding a place at the conference specifically for you. This is regardless of whether you have received your confirmation documents and is regardless of whether you have paid or not. If you have not received your confirmation documents, please let us know. Please refer to the Registration Informationsection of the conference website for the specific cancellation terms. Depending on when you cancel your place, you will be asked to pay 10%, 50% or 100% of the registration fee due. 100% cancellation charges apply if you book a place but do not show up at the conference. This also applies if you have not yet pre-paid but you cancel or do not attend (you will still be asked to pay the applicable cancellation charge).