IMC9 Organising Committees

Steering Committee

Nick Read (chair); Simon Avery; Nicholas Clipson; Geoff Gadd; Neil Gow; Geoff Robson

Scientific Theme Committees

Cell biology, biochemistry and physiology
Gero Steinberg (chair); Susan Crosthwaite; Mark Fricker; Peter Sudbery; Paul Tudzynski

Environment, ecology and interactions
Lynne Boddy (chair); Tariq Butt; Peter Crittenden; Roger Finlay; Gareth Griffith

Evolution, biodiversity and systematics
Pedro Crous (chair); Dominik Begerow; Matthew Fischer; David Hawksworth; Rob Samson

Fungal pathogenesis and disease control
Alaistair Brown (chair). Members: Elaine Bignell; Francine Govers; Sarah Gurr; Nick Talbot

Genomics, genetics and molecular biology
Paul Dyer (chair); David Archer; Kathryn Ayscough; Geraldine Butler; Mark Caddick