A wide range of accommodation from student halls of residence to all classes of hotels will be available to suit every budget, and this will be centrally bookable online via this website.

Edinburgh as a tourist destination

Edinburgh, a great renaissance centre, is the capital of Scotland and widely regarded as one of the most outstanding tourist meccas in the world. Known as the “modern Athens” of the North, its magnificent architecture shifts from the medieval Old Town, to the grace of the Georgian New Town, to the modern architecture of the new Scottish Parliament buildings. Above it all, in towering splendour, stands the Castle.

the date for the conference is the week before the famous Edinburgh Festival, which is the biggest arts festival on the planet. It will also coincide with the Jazz and Blues Festival.


While few visitors expect to have good weather in Scotland, the Edinburgh climate is not normally as bad as people think! However, the weather is likely to be changeable. That means a rainy start may well turn into glorious sunshine or vice versa. There are often long days of sunshine and averages of around 20°C in August.

Travel advice for H1N1 Virus

On 11 June, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the alert level for the H1N1 virus (known as ‘swine flu’) to phase 6. IMC9 is continuing to monitor the situation carefully.