Scientific Programme

The scientific programme will be divided into five themes that will be given more-or-less equal weighting although many of the Symposia will be inter-thematic. All the themes will contain applied topics. The scientific themes and the chairs of the organizing committees for each of these themes are as follows:

Cell Biology, biochemistry and physiology
Chair: Prof Gero Steinberg

Environment, ecology and interactions
Chair: Prof Lynne Boddy

Evolution, biodiversity and systematics
Chair: Prof Pedro Crous

Fungal pathogenesis and disease control
Chair: Prof Alistair Brown

Genomics, genetics and molecular biology
Chair: Dr Paul Dyer

IMC 9 Symposia

Ascomycete systematics
Basidiomycete biodiversity, ecology and mechanisms of host interaction
Beyond sequence ? applied genomics and industrial mycology
Biocontrol with fungi
Cell biology of infection
Comparative evolutionary genomics and the Fungal Tree of Life
Cryptic species and speciation
Cytoskeleton and motors
Ecology of invasive and threatened species
Emerging fungal diseases and potential pandemics
Endocytosis and exocytosis
Environmental sensing and responses
Exploitation of fungi: biofuels and beyond
Evolutionary adaptation of fungal pathogens to their human host
Evolutionary genetics of sex in fungi
Fungal barcoding
Fungal effectors and host manipulation
Fungal epigenetics
Fungal interactions with microbes
Fungal recycling matters: from enzymes to communities
Fungal RNA-regulatory processes
Fungal Tree of life: linking genomics to physiology and morphology
Fungi and global change 1: nitrogen enrichment and land use change.
Fungi and global change 2: climate change responses
Future strategies for the control of fungal diseases
Genomics of fungal-plant symbioses
Hyphal networks: mechanisms, ecology and modelling
Living on the edge: fungi at extremes
Origin and co-evolution of lichen and mycorrhizal fungi with plants
Population genetics: from single cell to community
Programmed cell death and autophagy
Revealing true fungal diversity – metagenomics
Rhythmic fungal biology
Rusts: taxonomy, host specificity and geographical distribution
Secondary metabolism
Secret world of endophytes
Signalling and development
Stress responses, fungal development and pathogenicity
Systems biology: functional genomics to molecular networks and systems
The dynamic fungal cell
The emergence of resistance to antifungal drugs
The fungal nucleus
The fungal-plant interface in mycorrhizal and lichen associations
Tropical mycology
200th anniversary of the hypha
Organizers of the 45 symposium are presently being selected.

In addition to Symposia, there will also be a large number of Special Interest Group meetings held on Sunday, 1 August 2010 at EICC prior to the IMC9 Opening Ceremony in the evening.